Thursday, June 25, 2009

Functions of a dress

Environmental Protection
Most of my life was spent in a boarding school in the mountains of North India. And we had many Tibetan people in that city. They always dressed in layers because of the harsh cold climate of Tibet.

To me there are many examples of decoration as a function of a dress. In Thailand, we have a lot of hill tribes in the north, and they adorn their clothing with a lot of decoration. To individualize themselves. This is the normal attire of the Karen hill tribe north of Thailand. Located near Chiang mai. This is still their garb today.

Gender Differentiation
Indian Actor/model John Abraham is wearing Designer Rohit Bal's 2009 collection.

The Kolkata Fashion week 2009

Indian Actress/ Model Mugdha Godse is wearing a Satya Paul summer 09 sari

I wanted to put an example that showed that in today's world people still dress according to their roles in the society. Women may have progressed a lot but we still live in a patriarchal society. Especially in India. Women usually wear sarees and men wear kurta pajamas, which have more movement to them.

Group Membership
Etro s/s collection 2009
Dressing to belong to a certain group. I think today the bohemian hippie look is pretty in so it would be a perfect example. Especially living in San Francisco i see it all around me. They give off this nature loving, began vegan vibe, but maybe that's what i see.


This is one of the many fabulous creations of Indian Designer, Ritu Kumar who specializes in Bridal wear.
It from her 2009 bridal wear collection.
I personally own a lot of ceremonial gear cause every other week someone gets married or there is an indian function.

Sexual Enhancement
We live in a world of sex. Anything to attract the opposite sex (or the same sex). Anything that enhances our sex appeal.
This is Uma Thurman, attending at Swarovski Fashion Rocks in a see-through Valentino dress, 2008.
It leaves little to the imagination in my opinion, however it is definitely attention grabbing.

Another example i wanted to share was the insane things people do in the name of sexual enhancement. This picture is again from the Karen hill tribe, Thailand. They believe that longer necks are more beautiful so they put brass rings around their necks. This brass neck ring adornment is put on young girls and the neck grows longer as additional rings are added with each passing year.

I wanted my examples to somehow relevant to me, so you will see a similar theme throughout.

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